Quality Insurance

HIGE always follows the conception of quality first, and has established the well-trained production and technical teams, strong quality assurance system, effective control and verification system, to ensure the total quality control over the production equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, production process, semi-finished products and final products.
1. Purchasing procedure: Purchasing Control Procedure is rigidly observed in the whole purchasing procedure. Selecting more than these essential qualified suppliers. Exercise strict control on verification of the materials to be outsourced. The verifying means would be determined based on the critical level of the materials concerned such as surveillance, measuring, chemical analysis, process validation,ect.
2. Production procedure Strictly observe the Production Control Procedure and Product Quality Responsibility System. In the production, the operations and inspectors will check for the quality according to the corresponding process specifications and test specifications and carry out the self-check and cross-check and record the results.
3. Warehousing inspection: Strictly observe the Product Warehousing Procedure. Each lot must undergo the random inspections, assay and test. The nonconforming product will be treated according to the Nonconforming Product Control Procedure.
4. After-sale service:Strictly observe the Service Management Procedure. The after-sale service personal will fill out the Service Report within one day after arriving at the site. If it is truly due to the product quality, the General Manager Responsibility System will be executed and the responsible persons will be traced back based on the lot no. and the responsible persons in warehousing management, test&inspection and production will be finally found out.

Each post and every department will steadfastly assume its quality responsibilities, quality inspection responsibilities or quality surveillance responsibility to form the quality control chain in our company. The standard,procedure, inspection, surveillance, training and record are available for all of our work.


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