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June 10-12, 2015, Higer participated in AQUATECH CHINA in Shanghai, the world's largest water treatment industry event. The exhibition gathered various fields and products of water treatment industry, attracting friends from all over the world and domestic water treatment industry to participate in the exhibition. Higer as an ion exchange resin manufacturer attract a large number of domestic and foreign customers to come to consult, negotiate business.


Higer as one of the few have real production factory in China, attracted a large number of domestic and foreign new old customer consultation in front of the booth, the customer show willing to cooperation with such a big factory, the quality of the product and supply more assured. The exhibition also gives us an opportunity to communicate and communicate face to face with domestic and foreign businessmen and customers who are interested in the company, especially overseas customers, make them more detailed understanding of our company products, technologies and solutions, build a strong knowledge of technical communication. Our long-term cooperation with customers has increased their confidence in future cooperation, and we have reached cooperation intention with many new customers at home and abroad. Five foreign customers will come to the factory for inspection this week. We are full of confidence in future cooperation.

The exhibition has built a good communication platform between the company and customers, achieved the expected effect, and provided new information for the company's development. 


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