2017 AQUATECH, 10th Shanghai International Water Show ended successfully.

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AQUATECH Shanghai International Water Show is known as“the world's largest international water treatment trade platform”. Each exhibition has gathered the first-line brands and well-known enterprises from the global water industry. It is a symbol of the high-end quality of the international water show and regarded as the preferred show platform for the water industry by Global industry leaders.


(AQUATECH International Water Show Address - Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center)

From June 7th to 9th, 2017, Higer participated in the meeting with new and old customers as scheduled at 2017 AQUATECH Shanghai International 10th Water Show (Booth: 8.1H217).


(Insiders who came to the booth for inquiring)

As a professional ion exchange resin manufacturer in China, Higer makes full use of the AQUATECH water show platform to provide customers with product display and technical exchanges, and welcomes visitors from all over the world with its large production scale and good reputation.


(Foreign customers come to visit our showroom)


(Mr. Wang Jiwen, Chairman of China Ion Exchange Resin Industry Association visited our exhibition hall)

Higer exhibitors provide detailed explanations of product information for new and existing customers with professional product knowledge. Through effective on-the-spot questioning and answering, many customers reached an agreement on the spot during the exhibition. According to the plan, Higer will receive more than ten domestic and foreign customers’visit during the two weeks after the exhibition.


(Intentional customers communicate with our company's exhibitors)

The three-day exhibition ended in a pleasant display exchange. Through the exhibition, Higer not only showed its true strength, but also met many partners from home and abroad. Higer will actively grasp the pulse of the market, and work together with friends from all walks of life to enter the new era of high-end water treatment brand!


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