2017 Higer New Year starts, greet the New Year!

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Higer welcomes the Spring of the Earth! On February 2, 2017, the sixth day of the lunar calendar, Hebi City Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. ushered the start of the new year.


After a happy, peaceful and relaxing Spring Festival holiday, Higer's employees returned to work on time, to shake their spirits and start a new year.


At 8 o'clock in the morning, the morning meeting of the first day was held as scheduled in the greetings of the "Happy New Year". Chairman Mr. Zhang Yuwei,  congratulated everyone for the Spring Festival and delivered a speech.


Mr. Zhang said, "In 2016, we have achieved growth in the contrarian trend. In 2017, we will be fully committed to work with fuller enthusiasm, more solid style, and more effective measures. Work hard and start a good job! Strive to seize new opportunities in the fierce market competition, meet new challenges, accelerate new developments, and work hard toward the established goals!"

 With the signing of the first day of the Golden Rooster, the workshops resumed production on time and in full swing, and they worked hard to meet the New Year!


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