2017 “New starting point, new leap” Higer Annual Meeting was a complete success.

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On the day of the reunion on December 31, 2016, the “New Starting Point, New Leap”Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. held its annual meeting in 2016. All employees of Higer branches and offices gathered from around the motherland to celebrate the event.

Chairman Zhang Yuwei first reviewed the development of various tasks of our company in 2016. Under the guidance of the correct strategy of the company's leadership team and the strong support of all functional departments, the company's hard work under the hard work of all employees achieved excellent performance in 2016. While fully affirming the achievements, it also pointed out the shortcomings in the work and proposed a new development direction.

After the sincere speech of Chairman Zhang Yuwei, the versatile Higer staff prepared a wonderful visual and hearing feast, and the climax was one by one. The domineering performance of the opening dance "Laser Laser Water Drum" won the applause and the whole audience

was boiling; the dance "Dancing China", "Arab Night", "Grateful Heart" jumped out of everyone's happiness for the New Year; "Take me to your Heart" “Goodbye Kiss" sang the joy of the staff's passion; the guitar play "Do you know that I am waiting for you?" created a delicate atmosphere and grasped the young people's minds; the well-prepared opusculums "Guardian Squad" "The story of the small consultation room" won the applause of the audience; the poems "Higer is good", the three-and-a-half sentence " aroused people’s resonance in the place, bringing everyone together, along with Higer, the song and dance "Sunshine Road" outlined the new blueprint of 2017 Higer, felt the hot blood of Higer, and continues to write Higer's new glory in the sunshine, eventually won the top prize through the support of about 80% of the audience.

Near the end of the annual meeting, the host of beautiful and wisdom indited a poem on the scene to draw a successful ending for Higer's "new starting point, new leap" annual meeting.

The wind is raging, we need to sail and break the waves, it has a long way to go.  In 2017, Higer Chemical will stand at a new starting point and shoulder new responsibilities. All employees will not ruin their mission, realize new leap and create new glory. .



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