Congratulations on the start of production of Higer Polymerization Workshop

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On September 21, 2015, Hebi City Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. heard the sound of firecrackers resounding through the clouds, which was the start of the Higer Chemical Polymerization Workshop! All the leaders and employees of the company gathered together to celebrate this moment of joy!


After the ceremony, Director Zhang gave a speech and the director of the polymerization workshop delivered a speech. The leaders made clear requirements and plans for the future production and future development of the polymerization workshop to meet the needs of customers with the fastest production efficiency and the best quality. Colleagues are also confident in the production and development of the polymerization workshop. With the joint efforts of everyone,we believe that Higer's development will be better and better!


The completion of the polymerization workshop embody the hard work and sweat of every leader and staff. The uniformity of the workshop is inseparable from the attention of every detail, the serious thinking and solution of each problem from everyone. After everyone's joint efforts, we believe that the polymerization workshop will complete the tasks and objectives of production in a high-quality production environment.

For the future development of the company, it will be as serious as the construction process of the polymerization workshop, and will gradually climb to a higher level step by step. Higer will be more meticulous in each workshop construction and every working process, and every leaders and staff work together to be more energetic and more brilliant. The future of Higerl is not only a grand blueprint, and it will become the leader in the ion exchange resin industry!



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