Father Binglin ion exchange resins

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In July, the annual College graduation day. July 4 morning, working hard for over 50 years old academician, professor of Nankai University, the famous chemist, atomic bomb hero, the father of ion exchange resins in China, 89-year-old Binglin old man forever gone, and this has had on the parting sad in the campus has added some sadness - the father of ion exchange resins Binglin hospital
Nankai University, East Gate Office, Mong Man Wai front of the building, "mourning Binglin Academy" on the black banner abnormal eye-catching. It is reported that President Hu Jintao called special condolences. Seen in the condolence hall reporter, Jiang Zemin, Wen Jiabao and other state leaders also sent a basket of flowers and the elegiac couplet, Comrade Zhang Gaoli pro to offer condolences. Countless people in mourning, there are a lot of people fifty years old, they are respected scholars, elders, but the face of Mr. Ho's portrait, they Quewu not very respectful, they are all students of Ho.

Nankai University, Professor Bing-Lin is a famous chemist, educator, Chinese Academy of Sciences, he is the founder of ion exchange resins, known as "the father of ion exchange resins in China."

Bing-Lin was born in August 1918 in Panyu, Guangdong. 1942 graduated from the Southwest Associated University, 1947 to the United States to study in 1952 received a doctorate from Indiana University. After returning in 1956 to teach at Nankai University, served as director of South Department of Polymer Chemistry, Chemistry department head, deputy director of Institute of Molecular Biology, Institute of Polymer Chemistry and other staff.

Binglin polymer chemistry devoted his life to building and development of ion exchange resins work, he presided over in 1958 established a Department of Polymer Chemistry, Nankai University.

Nankai University, teaching first in more than two short years, he finally managed to successfully synthesized at that time in the world have all varieties of ion exchange resins, as the cause of development of nuclear power and atomic bomb explosion made a significant contribution to the success of . In 1989, Bing-Lin was awarded the Work Committee for National Defense, "dedicated to the cause of national defense science and technology" Award.

Binglin loyal to the party's education, Chi Xin to serve the country, rigorous scholarship, teaching, his focus on theory with practice, research and teaching links, actively trying to interdisciplinary, complex, innovative talents for the country and created a large number of high culture quality, high-level scientific and technological excellence. He also donated his lifetime established Binglin scholarships. Bing-Lin Bi Shengcheng on the remarkable, has won the second prize of National Natural Science, the National Invention Award, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress Award, Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Progress Award, Tianjin Science and Technology Achievement Award and other major more than 20 major awards, for national and local scientific and technological progress and economic development has made an outstanding contribution.


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