Focus on HIGER, record the beautiful moment- corporate video shooting

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<2018 Corporate Video of Hebi HIGER Chemical Technology CO., LTD>

Cyan hills, green trees, rising sun, oblique shadows;

Slide, photography, director, assistant.

Look, we are shooting film for HIGER.


For the above scene, we run a dozen times for every shots.

The most important is the following...


Firm gaze, smiling faces, straight figure, flying footsteps, which are the feature of HIGER.

This shot is not special effects, it is Mr. Sun loped for it.

We really need to applaud for him,


Work off~~~, walk, firstly right foot or left foot? Right arm or left arm?

Smile, grin or just mouth up? Talking cheerfully.

Suddenly we are kind of not ourselves, just because of the camera.

PS. the effect is very good, all boys like potential stars.


The football is hot topic during the World Cup, but it is so far from us.

In our eyes, HIGER’s ping pong and billiards are the most exciting.

Chic acting, good figure, pretty looking, we all became the player’s crazy fun. Hi, idol, pls sign for me.


Girl cheerleaders, their only shortcoming is too too eye catching.

Pls forgive them, nobody is perfect. 


Powerful basketball team, excuse me, you were overshadowed by cheerleaders again.


Computers and desks are the best actors, so they did not be cutted many times by the director.


The office building is essential as the leading role.


HIGER looks so quiet and beautiful through aerial photography,  together with these cute little tidbits, which form HIGERs own story.



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