Graduates of the year of 2019 from Zhengzhou Technology Institute visited HIGER for studying.

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" If you wish to understand a matter profoundly, you must gain it by personal practice; because you will only be able to learn the surface of the matter by only reading books."

Youth is the gorgeous glory of the morning, flying in gorgeous colors; Youth is the brilliant flowers, blooming in competing.

May 20th to 21th, a group of young people full of youthful spirit came to Higer as scheduled. The arrival added a touch of color to the picturesque landscape of HIGER. They are fresh graduates of Zhengzhou Technology Institute, and this is their internship before graduation.

Life and safety is Paramount. 

The first lesson after entering the factory--education in safe production methods.

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The unity of knowledge and action


Explanation and introduction





5Insurances:  endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance

Travel on business twice a year.

1 right choice in life.

You just need a job. HIGE just Eager to talent 

Anyone with dreams and eager to fly is welcome!


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