HIGER's charm shines in The 12th AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Exhibition

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The 12th AQUATECH CHINA international water treatment exhibition opens at the Shanghai national convention and exhibition center (hongqiao) on June 3, 2019.As a large scale water treatment exhibition platform in the world, this exhibition gathered more than 3,500 enterprises from many countries and regions, and attracted nearly 100,000 professional visitors to participate in the event.



In order to better communicate and learn and display the technological level and product structure of Higer chemical technology in three dimensions, the accompanying exhibition staff are not only the sales department, but also the r&d department and the technical department.On the first day of the exhibition, Higerl attracted great attention from many exhibitors at home and abroad.



Mr. Wang jiwen (middle), chairman of ion-exchange resin branch, visited haige booth and took a group photo with Mr. Zhang yuwei (right), chairman of the board of directors of Higer, and Mr. Andy Kuo (left) from Higer, Taiwan.

In this exhibition,Higer exhibited a series of conventional resins, such as strong acid and strong alkali, weak acid and weak alkali, and some special types.



HIGER's staff discuss and exchange with domestic and foreign visitors

This is a feast of water treatment industry, but also a harvest trip.This exhibition not only reached basic cooperation consensus with many domestic and foreign enterprises, but also gained many valuable opinions from friends at home and abroad.

In recent years,HIGER has developed steadily and made remarkable achievements.But we know we have a long way to go.We will continue to improve the product performance, adapt to the market demand, and strive to provide global customers with more high, fine, sophisticated integrated services!



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