HIGER sent warmth to employees

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February 12, 2018, December 27 in lunar calendar, a group of person including CEO Zhang Yuwei, Production Director and Party Branch Secretary Zhang Zhiguo, Chairman of the Labor Union Shen Haixia, Chief Engineer Liu Dongpu and Workshop Director Zhang Zubao, Tian Fang brought cash and condolence gifts to the more poor employees in behalf of party branch and labor union.


A group of people, CEO Mr. Zhang as leader, visited the poor employees door by door and inquired about their difficulties thoroughly. The plain workers were so touched and said again and again: In the coming year, they must work much harder in HIGER.


HIGER 's annual “Send Warmth”activity is aimed at taking care of the each employee, so that each will has a sense of belonging, security, and fell the warmth of a big family in HIGER. 


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