Hagrid's "Charming Woman party" event ended successfully

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In the spring of March, Higer women painted a beautiful colorful picture under the blue sky .


On March 8th, "Charming Woman party" event was launched early in front of office building in order to celebrate international Women’s day. 


Stacked prizes ^_^

The fun activity included "three people four feet", "jumping and guessing", "good friends back to back", "stepping you" and other games, the event scene was full of enthusiasm and laughter.


(Jumping and guessing)


Jump, it is like stepping on the colorful lucky cloud.


"good friends back to back" game need tacit understanding and cooperation.


(Guessing words while jumping rope! Physical strength, brain power, expressive power... the winner is a real goddess!)

Although the participation of the event is only open to female employees, it does not affect the enthusiasm of the male employees to cheer.


Finally, the lively atmosphere of the fun event reached its zenith in the tug-of-war game, and all the winning teams got sumptuous holiday gifts.


All gifts found their owners.

The event fully demonstrated the glamour of Higer’s women, and established a beautiful healthy and energetic image of women in the new era, and also cultivated the teamwork spirit of women.


Show a cute photo.


(2017 Higer charming woman PARTY ended perfectly!)

Because of the existence of women, the world becomes warm, the family becomes cozy, and life becomes colorful! Higer wishes all women in the world:

Healthy and happy every day!


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