Hebi City leaders visited the construction of Higer’s New Plant.

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Since the successful laying of the new factory area of Hebi City Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. on October 26, the construction work of the new plant has been in full swing. On October 31, Mr. Gui Yuqiang, the Standing Committee of Hebi Municipal Committee and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipal People's Government and relevant leaders inspected the related work progress like the road flatting of the new plant area, the initial construction of the plant, and the actual application of the product.


The construction workers are busy in the infrastructure construction of the new plant. The infrastructure construction work of the plant area has achieved initial results. After the completion of the new plant area of 100 mu, Higer will become the largest chemical production base in the industrial park .


The general manager of the company introduced the work related to the construction of the new plant to the Mayor Gui Yuqiang. First, it focused on the land occupation, production level and current construction of the new plant. Secondly, the general manager made a brief report on the process flow, production raw materials and application range of the ion exchange resin.


City leaders visited samples of ion exchange resins, and leaders showed strong interest in the high-tech product, and said that the resin industry will succeed in driving the development of local science and technology.


After the inspection, the mayor and the general manager cordially shook hands. Mayor Gui Yuqiang concluded that the industry of ion exchange resin is a high-tech industry, we will not only make sure quality and quantity, but also ensure  construction quality and safe construction. Strive for early production and early results, and contribute to the local economic development.


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