Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., LTD. 2015 Year-end Report

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The 2015 work summary and commendation meeting of Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., LTD. was successfully held in Higer No.1 conference room at 9:00 A.M. on February 3, 2016 (25th day of the 12th lunar month). First of all, chairman Zhang Yuwei made an important speech. While affirming Higer's achievements in bucking the trend of growth in 2015, chairman Zhang also looked forward to Higer's new goals and ideas for 2016: under the current economic new normal of global economic integration, chairman Zhang pointed out that Higer Technology economy must grow in the international situation on the basis of domestic basis. In the future, Higer will definitely follow the economic strategy of branding, scale and internationalization.

China has a Chinese dream. Higer has a soaring dream. Chairman Zhang hopes that all of people of Higer will work together in the New Year to seize opportunities in the face of challenges and expand benefits from management. As long as we persist, the dream in our heart will blossom and bear fruit! Finally, Zhang stressed that Higer made a nearly perfect turn in 2015. Higer in the future will also be a well-known enterprise, the rise of Higer will represent the rise of an industry!

speeches of general manager Zhang Yuewei, general manager Zhang Zhiguo, deputy general manager Hu Fuming, manager Chen Bida and main managers of each branch, and warmly commended the "Hero of Higer" selected in 2015. The whole meeting, which lasted two hours, ended at 11:00 in the morning with the happy music.


The second part of the conference was a performance from workers and a banquet celebrating the year of the monkey.



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