Higer 2017 Spring Recruitment Meeting in Zhengzhou CBD International Convention and Exhibition Center

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From February 25th to 26th, 2017, the recruitment meeting of the 2F exhibition hall of Zhengzhou CBD International Convention and Exhibition Center was orderly and crowded.  


In order to strengthen the implementation of the company's talent strategy, increase the investment in human resources development, and reserve fresh talent, Higer Human Resources Department carefully prepared and organized the job fair.


This recruitment focuses on foreign trade marketing, technical staff, after-sales and R&D positions, mainly facing foreign trade, chemical engineering and professional people with relevant work experience. It aims to cultivate and reserve professionally-oriented management talents. The recruitment of Higer has attracted a large number of relevant talents with its strong corporate strength and attractive salary, benefits and promotion space. Before the recruiting booth, there was a surge of people and competition.


Foreign Trade Manager communicates with the applicant on the spot.


The person in charge of this recruitment shows the strength of the company to the applicants.


Many resumes is a reward for the two-day job fair and heavy responsibility. Higer has always been committed to the recognizing, training and promoting of talents, and this is also the long-term planning of Talent Thriving Enterprise.


The stage of Higer is wide enough to allow every employees to fly freely! Everyone who believes in Higer is welcome to join Higer and feel free to contact us!


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