Higer Groundbreaking Ceremony Press Release

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At 10:18 am on November 10, 2014, Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.  held a grand opening ceremony on 201*7 project in Jijiashan Chemical Park. Relevant leaders of Hebi City, leaders of Jijiashan Industrial Park, Secretary General of China Synthetic Resin Supply and Marketing Association, and Chairman of China Ion Exchange Resin Industry Association attended the groundbreaking ceremony. At the same time, brother partners and outstanding representatives of suppliers and distributors also attended the groundbreaking ceremony. A total of 43 units, nearly 100 guests witnessed this historic moment.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Chairman Zhang Yuwei first delivered a speech. The chairman not only introduced the basic situation of the project, but also made a prospect for the future development of Higer. After completion, Higer will become a normative enterprise with standardization of production, scale of operation, and systematization of management.

Later, the head of the district of Heshan District, Mr. Wang Qiang delivered an important speech. On behalf of the District Party Committee and the relevant departments, Mr. Wang expressed his congratulations and affirmation on the commencement and future development of the Higer’s Phase I project, and expressed his ardent expectations to Higerr. We believe that with the support of the government and the park leaders, Higer will continue to make our due contribution to the economic development of Hebi by adhering to the spirit of self-improvement and hard work!


Then, the General Secretary of China Synthetic Resin Supply and Marketing Association, Mr. Zheng Wei made a wonderful analysis of the research and development trend of ion exchange resin, let us not only understand the feeling of the older generation of people in the line of resin, but also let us have confidence in the synthetic resin industry.

Then, Chairman Mr. Zhang Weiguo of China Ion Exchange Resin Industry Association put forward several requirements for the development of Higer, and pointed out direction for all industry member with the theme of “set the right development strategy with scientific and technological development as the core and innovative mind”. Finally, with the sound of salute and the lifting of the balloon, the ceremony was successfully concluded in the powerful cheering of“starting” of Higer’s general manager Mr. Zhang Yuewei!


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