Higer participated in the signing ceremony of the key project of “Hundred Days Battle” for investment promotion in Heshan District.

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On August 16, 2017, Xi'an Lanxiao Technology New Materials Co., Ltd., an A-share listed company, and the Heshan District People's Government of Hebi City signed an "Investment Agreement". The two sides  reached a cooperation intention for building a new generation of functional resin production and functional exchange adsorptive materials harmless comprehensive treatment project. Mr. Shi Quanxin,  Deputy Mayor participated in the new signing.


The signing ceremony was held in the Hebi City Guest House on the morning of August 16. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Yuwen, member of the Standing Committee of Heshan District Committee and Minister of United Front, and Mr. Wangqiang, the head of Heshan District, gave a speech, and Mr. Kou Xiaokang, the general manager of Xi'an Lanxiao Technology New Materials Co., Ltd. gave a speech too. The signing ceremony was also attended by Mr. Li Haizhang, secretary of the Heshan District Committee, Mr. Liu Zengjun, executive deputy head of the district, and Mr. Zhang Yuwei, general manager of Higer and other relevant units and representatives.


The project signed this time is the investment of 530 million yuan for a special resin production and functional exchange adsorptive polymer materials recycling use and harmless treatment projects, by the A-share listed company Xi'an Lanxiao Technology New Materials Co., Ltd. and Higer, mainly for the production of high-end harmless resin, while using advanced adsorption and separation technology to effectively recycle, process and harmlessly treat high-acid wastewater and hazardous waste from pesticide, chemical and high-end equipment manufacturing. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual sales income will reach 860 million yuan, and the profit tax will be 130 million yuan.


The successful signing of the project not only helps to explore the industry's own environmentally friendly development direction, but also expands the “resource-saving and environment-friendly” industry development model. The industrial implementation of this project technology will help the company to provide more value-added services to customers, enhance market competitiveness in products and applications, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitive advantage.


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