Ion exchange resin and filling the storage

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1, Lewatit ion exchange resin storage

1, to maintain the resin in the water. Lewatit resin factory, its moisture content is saturated in the storage process must prevent the loss of moisture. Suggested that ion exchange resins stored in a dry, there is no direct sunlight indoors. If found resin dries, should not be directly placed resin soaked in water, but should be placed saturated salt water immersion, the slow expansion of the resin, and then gradually dilute salt solution.

2, resin should be stored in the appropriate product information in the recommended temperature. If the storage temperature is too high, can trigger the decomposition of resin exchange group, and microbial contamination. If stored in the freezing point of water under the water will freeze inside the resin. If the resin frozen, not by mechanical means, and to place it in a gradual thaw in the ambient temperature. Before handling or use, the resin should be completely thawed. Not try to speed up the thawing process.

3, to prevent the resin from contamination. Resin and iron storage containers to avoid the time, oxidants, and direct contact with substances other than oil to avoid resin contamination or degradation.

4, storage of product data should not exceed the recommended values.

Second, resin loading

1, ion exchange resin in the filling thoroughly before cleaning and inspection. Ensure that all containers received resin before the resin in the installation is clean and washed with deionized Shui Lin.

2, deionized water into the resin regeneration tower, in the regeneration tower adding deionized water to drain from the resin to lower the impact. Proposed introduction of water power device to the resin mixture into container of water. Can also be "down" into the container, but to always remain in the resin layer above the surface. Do not use mechanical pumps filled with resin. The maximum rate of no more than 1m / s, water and resin mixed "proportion of 2:1.

3, make sure the surface of deionized water has been loaded at least higher than 0.5m above the resin bed. Then the resin soaked in deionized water at least 2 hours. Soak longer, and on the resin harmless. (For weak alkaline and alkaline resin (Lewatit MP 62, MonoPlus MP 64, etc.) must be soaked overnight to make it through, to prevent loss of resin during backwashing.

4, after soaking, carefully and thoroughly washed resin is about anti-30min. Remove all of the resin fine particles and the loading process into the external impurities. There may be some small resin, it may not. Backwash outlet should not have windows, which would prevent the removal of resin fine particles. All of the fine particles to anti-washout container. Be careful not to good resin is also anti-washout container. Yang resin backwash effluent beginning may be brown, do not worry, this is a total acid resin characteristics to anti-washing, until no fine particles to clarify the anti-lotion. Recommended step-laundering, anti-wash 50% of each resin, backwashing rate of technical information of the various resins. Yang resin anion resin, and the best use of two different anti-tower, to prevent cross-contamination.

5, in all the process, the need to use distilled water, deionized water without first washing with anti-cation resin raw water, and then, after cation resin softening of raw water, anti-washing, and filling anion resin.

5, before the first use of resins, the use times of recycling agent, recycled resin. Note: only need to increase the amount of regeneration agent, not to increase the concentration of regenerant.

6, due to resin in the regeneration process will be expanded, it is recommended that 90% of the resin before loading, regeneration, washing, and then swelling of the resin remaining resin bill the forgotten


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