Ion exchange resin and methods of troubleshooting faults

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1, quartz sand cushion turbostratic
Switch the bottom of the quartz sand cushion, because of anti-wash the contamination or improper operation will result in agglomeration of quartz sand; if anti-washing out from the local sand cushion will cause chaos layer.
Quartz sand cushion below the central dome-type porous plate, should not opening, in order to avoid the bottom of the water flow rate is too high impulse disorder quartz sand. If the dome plate is all the holes, and can be installed below a vaulted porous baffle plate, but can not use the slot-type sprinkler head, or porous-type flowers, because of their high water flow from the dome plate is so close, remains focused on local water holes will emit, washed quartz sand disorder.
Quartz sand cushion layer should be strictly in accordance with the graded bedding, the thickness of each layer must be uniform. In the pre-loaded resin can be anti-wash test, required flow rate reached 40-60m / h, the quartz sand cushion layer is not chaos, not moving.
2, intermediate liquid discharge device damage
Countercurrent heat exchanger in the regeneration of ion-handling device damage is a common fault. Equipment damaged in the row of the fundamental reason is that there are bubbles in the resin layer or dry layer case, the anti-wash water flow rate is too high, the resin layer has not yet spread, resin flow is poor, caught in the dry resin layer in the middle row liquid hold up device is caused by upward. Running dry because of resin layers, will result in the emission tube is bent downward.
In the sun-bed operation, the resin layer occurs because the sun bed bubble inlet valve regulating the flow switch in the low-voltage (0.1-0.2Mpa) run by the exchange reaction of free of CO2 into carbonate precipitation, accumulation In the resin layer. Way to prevent CO2 precipitation is to maintain switch in the 0.4-0.6Mpa pressure to run. In addition, if the water pump shaft seal leak, and cause the air flowing into the switch, integrated in the resin layer. Special equipment should be noted that long-term disabled or valve leakage caused by resin dry layer, water rate must be slow (2-3m / h), so that the bubbles in the resin layer can slowly escape, not to dry resin layers hold up.
Intermediate drain device must be securely fixed in a dedicated bracket to prevent damage in handling devices, the foreign branch had to be changed from the round oval (or light bulb shape), to mitigate the impact caused by anti-wash. Mother tube can also be exposed resin layer in the upper 50mm home office, the branch pipe or water cap resin layer into a high need to reduce the resin layer shrinkage in the row when the impact device.
Start anti-washing, the flow should be small, when the bubble was discharged resin layer, the resin began to float, then increase the anti-wash flow.
Application of handling devices made of stainless steel processing and welding should be solid and reliable.
In vivo regeneration of mixed bed, of which the damage is also common-handling devices, high-velocity mixed bed more serious. The preventive measures and counter-current regeneration of the same switch.
3, top of the device damage
Under the general stream running to the switch (such as downstream recycling equipment, recycling equipment, counter, etc.), the top of the device is relatively simple, little damage. Stream running to the switch (such as floating bed, double room floating bed, etc.), running easily damaged. The top of the bed floating device in the past have used the mother branch pipe, flange clamps porous plate, curved support tube and outside tube inserted in vitro mother type, and so, after years of research and testing, that the use of plate type and the arc of water branch pipe cap type is better.
Switch at the top of device damage is mainly due to the top dry layer of resin layers, the bottom of the water flow rate is high, the resin layer of the same pressure as the piston damage to the top of the device. To prevent the damage is first filled with resin with a small flow of water level, coupled with the flood of traffic.
Another switch at the top of device damage due to using the weak-type resin floating bed, in the new resin filling, not enough to consider the reversible and irreversible transformation of the space expansion, resin expansion will damage the top of the switch device.
4, anti-corrosion coating shedding problem
At present, the ion exchanger anticorrosion coating, commonly used rubber lining, the corrosion resistance good. Under normal use conditions, the life span of 10-15 years, will not fall off. However, the use of epoxy coating or FRP Lining of water treatment equipment, coating loss occurs frequently.
After the coating off, acid, strong alkaline medium will equipment (steel or concrete system) result in severe corrosion at the same time, the corrosion products will be seriously contaminated resin and water quality. Loss of large areas of glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin coating or may also cover water distribution device, causing fluid flow and regeneration of the drift, so that switches can not function properly.
Found that coating off, shall promptly repair the device, the coating off some polished, cleaned, and re-coated with anti-corrosion coating.


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