Ion exchange resin bed right back wash and regeneration

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Only on the ion exchange resin bed with appropriate anti-washing and regeneration measures can make an effective ion exchange resin bed normal operation. If backwashing and regeneration measures are not appropriate, may cause the following problems:

a) resin bed pressure drop increased

b) as additional mechanical stress will lead to easily broken resin particles

c) ion column exit the ion leakage increases

d) target ion leakage premature wear

e) due to greater use of chemical reagents, Ershi higher operating costs

f) increases the concentration of bacteria in the water (drinking water production process)

The purpose of laundering:

a) remove the ion exchange resin bed in a mixture of dirt

b) remove the broken resin particles

c) relax compacted resin bed in the regional and agglomeration

d) separation of resin (a good grain in the upper, the lower consumption of finished resin)

e) removal resin bed during the operation resulting in the "flow channel", namely: "bias", the resin bed to return to uniform distribution state, and even flat surface.

The following is the correct anti-laundering program points to note:

a) Our products are anti-washing recommended data rate and time is only a reference value. At runtime, the need to adjust the user's specific parameters.

b) anti-washing resin column through side pipe exhaust. Because the resin pieces to completely exhaust particles and dirt, so I do not use screen Web results for pipeline hooded, in order to prevent loss of resin can be installed in a closure of the outer pipe bend (curved neck).

c) anti-washing process, the resin bed volume than the original volume expansion of about> 45%.

d) anti-washing process, the resin bed must be completely current state. This is confirmed by observation window. In flow-resin bed, the resin particles is around sports. But the resin bed surface should be calm or light from the microwave. Resin bed can not be tossed in the violent local resin.

e) resin bed expansion to the largest state, the surface should be from the export of> 400mm. Windows should be expanded and export of the resin bed surface between the observation of such a resin bed can be a good surface state.

f) resin fluidized bed starting from the top of the resin, then speed down a uniform fluidization.

g) highly compacted resin bed may take several hours of time to achieve full fluidization, loose resin bed may only take a few minutes.

h) anti-washing just the beginning, there will be local resin resin bed surface eruption, resulting in a large number of resin particles suspended in air bed volume area, even out of export phenomenon. This phenomenon will be further carried out with anti-washing, and the loose resin disappeared.

i) sometimes compacted resin bed as a whole will be fully upgraded and then was squeezed to the top of the manifold, causing damage to water separator and / or resin loss. To avoid this phenomenon, we recommend against washing process begins when a low flow rate, flow rate and then gradually increased until the resin bed full expansion.

j) back wash process requires the operator or process engineer observed from time to time to properly adjust operating parameters.

k) anti-washing process begins when the first suspension of fine particles can be washed out of resin. The proposed observations regularly appear in the resin bed of fine particulate matter turbidity. This helps determine the water pre-treatment (eg: filter) is operating properly.

l) evening resin tank through the window, observing the situation is easier than during the day. Windows on the reflected light during the day making observations difficult. You can use the black light baffle to block to prevent the impact of reflected light. If the window next to or opposite to install a glass window allows light to enter the resin inside the tank, so you can better observing conditions within the resin column.

m) anti-washing process, the need from time to time on the back wash water sampling. Wash out the anti-fine particles for chemical analysis. Also a need for other impurities and the appearance of broken resin particles for analysis.

n) anti-washing temperature expansion of the resin bed has an important effect. This is because the viscosity of water varies with temperature relationship. Changes in water temperature from 15 ℃ to 40 ℃, the resin bed expansion to reduce by half.

o) big change in the temperature region (such as: winter, temperature <10 ℃, the summer temperature> 30 ℃), because the water temperature will affect the resin bed expansion, all anti-washing flow rate must be adjusted according to seasonal conditions.

p) anti-washing, the resin bed should be standing, and then by its own gravity to make it compact (standing for about 5mins) and form a uniform structure of the resin bed.

q) conventional anti-washing process, do not use drum gas aids. Only in the bottom of the drum gas distributor (filter plate or filter) is used only when a serious blockage. Gas intensity of drum should be suitably adjusted, not to damage any sensitive internal components distributor. High-intensity air distribution device may have caused great pressure on the internal components that make them damage.

r) a lot of impurities in abnormal entrainment into the resin bed of an accident (such as: filter is torn) occurs, the anti-laundering program should be extended accordingly.

The following is the correct recycling program needs to pay attention to the points:

a) base can not be diluted with water. Otherwise the resulting hardness ions by precipitation and CaCO3 particles into the ion exchange resin bed. Should use mineral water or soft water off.

b) If the regeneration process, the resin will undergo an expansion process and recommend ways to use counter-current operation of this step. Downstream treatment may cause great pressure on resin bed, Er Shi resin tank burst. Only in the ion exchange resin tank diameter> 3m resin bed height <1.2m regeneration can be used the way downstream.

c) Our products are recommended for regeneration of the data is only a reference to the standard value. At runtime, the need to adjust the user's specific parameters. Such as: highly selective adsorption resin after the adsorption of ionic need to do more to regenerate the acid and alkali

d) the absolute number and concentration of acid is needed to control. If the concentration is too low, will reduce the effect of mass action, the regeneration effect will be reduced. If the concentration is too high, the volume of regeneration solution volume too low, the regeneration agent in ion exchange resin bed in the distribution may be uneven, the impact may be too strong permeability, would reduce the service life of resins.

e) top down into the regeneration agent will reduce the permeability of the impact, because the empty bed volume can be diluted regenerant. From the bottom of resin bed directly into the regeneration agent will lead to greater permeability of the impact.

f) empty bed volume of resin bed 100%, and is the top-down into the regeneration agent, the regeneration reaction will be delayed. 1BV of regenerative injection of agents such as: acid, into the ion exchange tank, the only part of the acid to reach resin bed. Will be more or less stuck in the empty bed volume of. 2BV in the regeneration agent after injection, about half of the acid through the resin bed. Only after joining the leaching of water will be completely recycled. Because the leaching of water into the resin bed is not made through the resin bed acid regeneration Ershi completely.

g) Thus the regeneration process into the regeneration agent, the resin bed expansion is not complete. Resin bed in the leaching process will be fully expanded.

h) resin regeneration is a dynamic process. If the regeneration agent through the resin bed too quickly, will reduce the efficiency of regeneration. We recommend a flow rate of regeneration 4BV / h.

i) regeneration agent in the resin bed in the uniform distribution is the basis for effective regeneration. So they need proper regulation of sub-fluid systems and structure to achieve uniform resin bed.

j) Once the resin bed with impurities serious pollution, recycling must use a lot of recycling agent. Such as: If the recommended 2BV acid regeneration, it is necessary to use 4BV acid. Pollution is serious, they can amount to one third of the resin bed volume of resin in the resin tank, standing for some time (eg: 1h), so saturated with dissolved impurities.

k) newly regenerated resin bed well before use, must be based on the standard industrial production flow testing. Ion exchange column must be installed prior to the production line, testing the water leaching to ensure that the use of non-renewable chemicals into the product flow.

l) In some applications, the newly regenerated resin bed must be going through a good "preparation" process. In the preparation process, the resin column into the flow to be processed products (such as: brine). Initially, the purification resin can not fully up to standard. May need to go through several pre-operation, purification can be up to standard. This is a system of "balance - adjustment" process. Leaching of water pretreatment process can not be used because the resin bed where the water needed to adjust production status.


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