Ion exchange resin decolorization process sugar solution to

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Sugar is one of many indispensable ingredients of soft drinks, soft drinks in the summer especially. Typically, the beverage industry is no longer used as a sweetener and aromatic crystal sugar, and more use of sugar solution, syrup or other liquid sweetener. This choice, whether technically or economically significant advantages. Ion exchange resin products to ensure that such sugar solution can fully meet the beverage manufacturers and their customers stringent requirements.

Before the start of production, the need to sugar liquid in the mineral salts, colored impurities and other unwanted components removed, otherwise it will affect beverage taste and color.

In addition to widely used for sugar desalination, the ion exchange resin products are also increasingly used for the removal of natural brown sugar solution. Especially when the solution is moderately colored state, the bleaching effect is far better than the commonly used activated carbon filtration agent. Activated carbon regeneration process not only very complex, and it will bring lower costs and filtering capabilities and other issues. By contrast, the adsorption of the colored impurity ion exchange resin sodium chloride solution, just use a simple washing can be used again, and can be recycled.

Process for decolorizing sugar solutions customized products based on two kinds of ion exchange resin cross-linked polystyrene resin. Thanks to its large pore structure, these resins have excellent processing stability and excellent adsorption capacity of colored impurities. At the same time, they are in line with Germany, Europe and the world of strict regulations for food contact products. With specially developed proprietary processes, the resin can help manufacturers, as the impurity level or a few steps through the process step by high-quality colorless sugar solution. Monodisperse ion exchange resins particularly suitable for high viscosity of concentrated sugar solution of bleaching.

Ion exchange resin is an indispensable beverage products. Used not only lemonade and other soft drinks, also for whey, grape juice, juice of desalination, and to remove the excess acid in orange juice and bitter. Plated with precious metals using ion exchange resin to remove dissolved oxygen in beer, but also can improve the shelf life of beer. This simple drink of water, can also be decalcified with ion exchange resin and some desalination, improve the taste for cooking tea and coffee.


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