Joined forces,reach win-win

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In recent years, Higer has continuously developed and innovated to improve the product technological level. With the opening of the new plant area, the company's scale is expanding, and Higer has attracted extensive attention in the domestic resin industry.

In September 2013, with the attention and support of leaders from all sides, the signing ceremony of Higer, Nantong Jiahui and Shanghai Hualing Cooperation was held as scheduled. The responsible persons conducted specific project negotiation and contracting work. New production workshops and cooperation project is expected to basically start in early 2014, and the partners have high expectations for future cooperation projects.

The development of the Central Plains Economic Zone has also brought good development opportunities to our enterprises. We also firmly believe that with the help and support of the local government and leaders, we will work together to achieve win-win cooperation and booster the local economy dramatic development.


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