Mayor Tang Yuanyou inspected Higer's environmental protection work and gave high praise.

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On the afternoon of May 23, 2017, Mr. Tang Yuanyou, Mayor of Hebi City, went to Hebi to inspect and guide the sewage treatment plant accompanied by Mr. Zhou Bolu, deputy head of Heshan District, Mr. Liu Zhixian, secretary of the District Political and Legal Committee and secretary of the industrial park, Mr. Chang Dongsheng, director of district environmental protection bureau, and Mr. Guo Zengfu, director of the industrial park.


Mr. Tang and his party listened carefully to the work report of the technical staff of our company's sewage treatment plant, and cordially talked with the chairman of our company, Mr. Zhang Yuwei, and gave full affirmation and high evaluation to our company's environmental protection work such as sewage treatment.



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