Morning run with passion, exercise for health.

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The bright morning whistle sounded through the Jijiashan Chemical Industrial Park in Hebi City. The morning running team of Higer was assembled and set off!


On the beautiful and spacious park avenue, the Higer’s Morning Run team shouted the number, uniformed, and marched in unison.


Morning run with passion, exercise for health! In order to further cultivate and strengthen the sense of collectivism and teamwork spirit of employees, enhance the physique of employees, and enable everyone to participate in the work of the day with a better mental state, Higer decided to call and organize employees to carry out morning run activity.

The activity lasted for two weeks, and all the employees involved in the morning run not only added a lot of healthy rosy, but also many happy smiles!


Look, Higer's morning run is still going on. This team is young, active and uplifting; this team is firm, steady and strong. Also, this team was a collection of all the value of Higer employees, there are pictures of the truth ~~~

The morning dawn, the sun shines on the cheek, and over the morning run, everything is full of vitality!


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