The Glory of HIGER in 2018

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HIGER has been braving all kinds of risks and difficulties to achieve a high degree of unity between enterprise management and social responsibility, and has been committed to the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the enterprise in the aspects of economy, society and environment.

Towards the end of 2018, Many honors has added a heavy harvest for the fruitful HIGER.

Highlights of 2018 (part)

Henan Ion Exchange Adsorption Resin Engineering Technology Research Center was approved to set up.


Scientific and technological innovation is an important way for enterprises to achieve long-term sustainable development, and also a strategic means for enterprises to achieve development. Relying on the Engineering Technology Research Center established by HIGER, we will strive to build the core competitiveness of clean and low-carbon, circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the better and faster development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation.

Hebi Ion Exchange and Adsorption Resin Key Laboratory was established.


Independent innovation capability is a major challenge for the development of enterprises. Whoever has the core competitiveness will own the market and the future. On January 19, 2018, Hebi Ion Exchange and Adsorption Resin Key Laboratory was established. Since the establishment of the laboratory, a number of research projects have made significant progress. Among them, the project "research and development of special resin for gold extraction and process technology" was evaluated as the major innovation demonstration project of Hebi city in 2018 and was supported by special project funds.

The Project Department was granted the “ worker pioneer”title by Henan Labor Unions


As a shining "name card" of the labor union, "worker pioneer" represents the team of the worker class in the new era and is the spirit carrier of dedication, hard work and continuous progress. HIGER Project Department members, based on their own selfless work and willing contribution are well deserved.


HIGER is one of the five Demonstration Enterprises of Intellectual Property officially recognized by Hebi Property Bureau in 2018. The recognition and award fully affirmed HIGER’s persistent and innovative awareness of IPR protection, and strengthened its determination to deepen the establishment of a long-term IPR protection mechanism and take the road of sustainable development supported by technology.

Heshan district non-public economic enterprises

Hebi city non - public economic figure

A builder of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics



On December 28, 2018, Heshan District officially issued a notice recognizing HIGER as a non-public enterprise, and CEO Zhang yuwei as a non-public economic figure and builder of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The announcement affirmed the efforts made by HIGER and CEO Zhang yuwei in overcoming difficulties and completing their own development in recent years, while actively giving back to society, expanding employment and promoting social harmony.

On the other hand, it is also a spur. HIGER will work harder, be pragmatic and do a good job in various work in the future, and make greater contributions to the construction of harmonious and beautiful new Heshan District.

In the New Year, we will stand at a new starting point again.

In the future, we will, as always, forge ahead. With HIGER ‘s development, we will assume more corporate responsibility and continue to contribute to the harmonious development of society!


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