The leaders of the Safety Supervision Bureau and the enterprises of Xunxian County came to visit our company to inspect the safety production work.

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On March 23, 2017, Director Zhang Zhiqing of Heshan District Safety Supervision Bureau led the county safety supervision bureau and the heads of some large and medium-sized enterprises in Xunxian County and the Director Guo of Jijiashan Chemical Park Management Committee came to our factory to visit the safe production of Higer. The Higer’s Safety and Environmental Protection Minister and related leaders received the visit.


The visitors first listened to the introduction of Minister Qiao about the work on the safety production of our factory in the office, and carefully reviewed the company's safety management materials. During the period, they inquired about the company's various safety production management systems and measures, and Minister Qiao gave detailed answers to these questions. After listening to the introduction, the visiting leaders and the company's security management personnel affirmed and praised our company's advanced concepts and improvement measures in safety production management, and put forward many valuable suggestions for our company's safety production work.


Subsequently, Director Zhang accompanied by the staff of our company visited the safety control facilities of the general control room, workshops and tank area , and inquired and understood the actual functions of the relevant safety facilities. When Director Zhang Zhiqing and his party walked into the general control room of our company and looked at the safety monitoring equipment that had been built and put into use, he praised "a strong sense of safety and effective measures." And he also required that follow-up enterprise security management personnel should carefully learn from Higer and strictly implement the “three simultaneous” safety facilities, further improve safety management level in strict accordance with safety standards and requirements, effectively eliminate hidden dangers, strictly strengthen the construction of safe production environment, and create Safety management work in a new situation, and at the same time, timely carry out safety inspection and acceptance of new construction and expansion projects.


Finally, Director Zhang encouraged our company to continue to do a good job in safety management, boldly innovate, and continuously explore new ideas for safety management with a harmonious and safe production as the guide.


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