Transport and storage of resin

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Ion exchange resin contains a certain amount of water, transport and storage process should keep this part of the water. If the storage process of the resin off the water, should use

Concentrated salt water (8-10%), soaked 1-2 hours, then gradually diluted, may not be directly put in the water, to avoid rapid expansion of the broken resin. Resin in storage or transport process,

Should be maintained at a temperature of 5-40 ℃ environment, avoid hot or cold, affect the quality. If there is no heat in winter equipment, resin can be stored in salt water, salt water

Temperature can be determined according to the temperature.

Second, the new resin to be addressed:

The new resins often contain solvents, did not participate in polymerization of the material and a small amount of low polymer may also be adsorbed iron, aluminum, copper and other heavy metals. When the resin with water, acid,

Contact with alkali or other solution, the above will be transferred to the solution of soluble impurities in the initial period of water quality pollution. Therefore, the new resin in the pre-Operation Department before

1, Yang resin pretreatment

Yang resin pretreatment steps are as follows:

First use of saturated salt water, whichever is approximately equal to twice the volume of processing resin, the resin placed in brine soaked 18-20 hours, then released to make salt water,

Drift with water to wash, drain the water without yellow;

Secondly, then 2% -4% NaOH solution, its volume and the same, in which the soaked 2-4 hours (or a small flow of clean), exhausted after lye, drain the water then rinse until the resin

Near neutral so far;

Finally, 5% HCL solution, its volume is the same as above, soaked 4-8 hours, exhausted acid, neutral stand-by with water to float.

2, anion resin pretreatment

The first step in the pretreatment and Yang resin pretreatment the first step in the same; then soaked with 5% HCL 4-8 hours, and then exhausted acid, water washing to

Neutral; then with 2% -4% NaOH solution soaked 4-8 hours later, exhausted alkali, washed with water to neutral stand-by.

Category Product Name functional groups
Size as the water content% wet density g / ml wet true density g / ml total exchange capacity mmol / g ≥ volume exchange capacity mmol / ml ≥ Sphere rate after abrasion% ≥? Factory pattern corresponding foreign resin grades
The main purpose?
Range (MM)> 95%
Uniformity coefficient
Strong acid styrene
Yang resin 001 * 4-SO3H 0.315-1.25? 55-65 0.74-0.84 1.12-1.20 4.50 1.30? 95 Na + Amberlite
IR-118 high-pure water and antibiotics refining
002-sc-SO3H 0.63-1.25 1.40 38-43 0.81-0.87 ≥ 1.30 4.40 2.1 95 Na + Amberlite
IR-122 antibiotic extraction and matching bunk beds D113SC
Macropore weak acid acrylic acid
Yang resin? D111-COOH ≥ 95? 40-50 0.72-0.82 1.12-1.22 9.5 3.5 90 H + Amberlite
IRC-84 circulating water treatment, wastewater treatment, decolorization
110? 0.315-1.25 ≥ 90%? 70-80? 11.5? 90 H + Amberlite
IRC-84 for extraction and separation of basic antibiotics streptomycin, soften hard water, pure water
122? 0.315-1.25 ≥ 80%? 60-70? 4.00? 95 H +? For the purification of vitamin B12, ammonium refined, streptomycin, oxytetracycline, tetracycline and other antibiotics decolorization decolorizing
Strongly basic styrene
Anion resin 201 * 4-N + / (CH3) 3 0.315-1.25 1.60 53-63 0.66-0.75 1.06-1.11? 3.80 1.10? 90? CL-Amberlite
IRA-401? Water, keep a high water, sugar decolorization, chemical and biological products, preparation, etc.
202-N + / (CH3) 2

\ C2H4OH
0.315-1.25 1.60 40-45 ≥ 0.70 ≥ 1.08? 3.10? 1.25? 90? CL-Amberlite
IRA-900? Pure water preparation, matching double bed?
Macroporous strongly basic styrene
Anion resin D296? 0.315-1.25 ≥ 95%? 60-70 0.65-0.75 1.05-1.10? 3.60? 95? CL-? For the preparation of organic bleaching and water?
D202-N + / (CH3) 2

\ C2H4OH
0.315-1.25 1.60 47-57 0.68-0.73 1.07-1.12 3.50 1.20? 90 CL-Amberlite
IRA-910 preparation of pure water, extraction of radioactive elements, rare element separation
Macroporous Weakly Basic Styrene
Anion resin 330-N + / (CH3)

0.315-1.40 ≥ 90%? 58-68 0.60-0.75 1.04-1.10 9.00? 90? Wofatit
L-165 used in the extraction of streptomycin role to play in and can also be used in the preparation of pure water and organic acids and for


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