Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit Higer and discuss cooperation.

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In 2012, Higer adhered to the central idea of “strengthening development, concentrating on innovation”, and vigorously expanding its overseas presence on the basis of continuing to promote the construction of new plants.

At the end of November, customers from Russia came to Higer and visited the production workshop of anion-cation exchange resin and macroporous resin under the leadership of the general manager of the company and were interested in the Haiger new plant under construction. After the visiting, the general manager and the foreign customers discussed in detail the cooperation intention and the cooperation plan of the related main business in the company conference room.

Before leaving, foreign customers highly appreciated our company and said that the strength and scale of the company was in line with their procurement standards and they looked forward to working with us in the future. The general manager also expressed warm welcome to customers at home and abroad to visit the factory!



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