Warmly welcome the secretary of Hebi Municipal Party Committee to visit the new Hagrid Resin Factory

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On December 5, 2012, Mr. Ding Wei, Hebi Municipal Party Committee Secretary, visited the new factory area of Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and gave detailed guidance on the company's business scope, production targets and engineering construction.

During the visit, the general manager of the company introduced the application value and future development direction of ion exchange resin to the city leaders, and said that we will work hard to run local enterprise well, actively develop the market economy, and continue to promote the steady growth of Hebi chemical enterprises.

Hebi Municipal Committee attaches great importance to the construction and investment promotion of Jijiashan Industrial Park in Heshan District. After visiting the construction of several excellent enterprises, the company focused on the Hebi Resin new plant area, and the city leaders paid great attention to ion exchange resin and the economic benefits and environmental protection value brought by the industry, also appreciated the environmental protection targets of “zero emission and zero pollution”proposed by Higer in the initial stage of construction.


Before leaving, the party secretary Mr. Ding Wei carefully asked the project leader to adhered to the "safety-based" construction concept and grasped the quality of the project, provided reliable production plant for future production on the basis of completing the construction on time.


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