We learn English together.

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On November 11, 2017, in the Higer Conference Room, English lecturer Marshall began a course on English training for all employees.


In order to improve the professional quality of employees, improve the overall competitiveness of Higer, and integrate with international enterprises as soon as possible, Higer organized a one-year English learning program for all employees. During the course of the study, the lecturer Marshall will train all employees with basic English and professional English terminology at work.

This training is weekly. Company leaders attach great importance to the program and participate in it personally. The enthusiasm of the employees is also high, and the whole study is carried out in a relaxing atmosphere.


After two training sessions, colleagues have been able to make a simple conversation with skill. Every morning, "Good morning, how are you?-Good!" has become Higer's most popular daily greetings. Colleagues learn together, communicate together, make progress together, have a good atmosphere, and enjoy it. 



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