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The magnificent of the Taihang mountain. 
The remote of the Qi river.
The graceful of the dancing cranes.
The beauty of nature appearing in the universe;
The ancient capital of Zhaoge.  
The fascinating land of Yunmeng mountain. 
The flowing of the poetry river.
The humanistic spirit dating back to ancient times.

Adhering to the history and culture of this treasure land, Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in the hinterland of the central China, focuses on technological innovation and continuous development. 
After 20 years forging ahead, HIGER has already become an outstanding manufacturer among Chinese Ion Exchange Resin industry. Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in JiJiaShan chemical industrial zone, Hebi city, Henan province, which covers an area of 220 mus. The total investment is CNY 560 million with an annual output value CNY 820 million. Including research and development, production, sales and service, HIGER is a high-tech chemical enterprise with standardized productions, diversifying operation and systematized management.
HIGER keeps pace with the time and serves the world with superior products. Hebi Higer Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 1998, from the initial one small workshop with one product, progressively becoming a national Ion Exchange Resin backbone enterprise, which possesses Strong Acid Cation, Strong Base Anion, Weak Acid Cation and Weak Base Anion resin series with more than 200 kinds of products. Products are widely used for electricity, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, dyes, drinking water, bio-pharmacy, nuclear industry and other leading edge technology industries, which are involved in the national economy and society development. The products are exported to the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries or regions, enjoying a high reputation in the world resin field.
As the world enters the new economic era, which dominated by science and technology, HIGER is leading the way with high-profile. Every year, more than 15 percent of sales revenue is devoted to the research and development of products. Meanwhile, company maintains close cooperation and technical exchanges with several famous universities and research institutions, has successfully developed the special adsorption resin, edible medicamentosus resin, blood purification resin, precious metal extraction resin and three wastes treatment resin, etc., which are applied for many fields. HIGER continuously enhances the flexible customization ability, providing the standard one-stop technical service to satisfy the different demands for domestic and aboard customers.
Relying on the scientific and technological advancement, and promoting environmental protection, Ion Exchange Resin can not only deal with organic waste water and heavy metal waste liquid effectively, but also implement diversified concepts, such as seawater desalination and Lithium extraction from salt lake, etc. Protecting environment, controlling pollution, conserving energy and reducing emission, HIGER makes a great contribution to promoting the social green development.
HIGER has strictly implemented the "Realistic and Efficient" team spirit, and created the enterprise culture of "Quality for Survival, Innovation for Development". HIGER was identified as the high-tech enterprise and also won the preferred network enterprise of electric power ministry and China National Petroleum Corporation. The unique 8S integrated quality management platform enables the process to be controlled, ensuring the stability and improvement of product quality.
Facing the time initiative of "The Belt and Road" and "Creating a community of shared future for mankind", HIGER actively seeks a balance between economic growth, social development and environmental protection. HIGER commits to the research and development of Ion Exchange Resin industry, promoting the progress for water treatment industry. Propel Chinese products to dialogue with the world and benefit human society by modern science and technology.
The happiness achieved by hard working is the most appealing. When the first sun shines on HIGER, the steps to dreams and the bright smiles on happy faces, everyone in HIGER wins the life and realizes HIGER’s dream with the power better than expected.
The sea encompasses hundreds of rivers. HIGER possesses the noble character and the lofty ambition. Better product quality and higher development goal encourage HIGER to explore and persist on the way of providing superior quality products and excellent services to customers all over the world!




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